Charles P. Greco
Bishop of Alexandria-Shreveport

In 1982 Bishop William B. Friend, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Shreveport, in collaboration with Bishop Lawrence P. Graves, established the "Institute for Catholic Studies." Bishop Friend later renamed it "Greco Institute" in honor of Bishop Charles P. Greco,  former bishop of Alexandria-Shreveport (pictured left.)

Since the split of the diocese in 1986, Greco Institute has continued to serve the faithful of the Shreveport diocese. Greco Institute plays an especially important role in this geographic area where people do not have ready access to Catholic higher education. Since its founding in 1982 Greco Institute has experienced dramatic growth. From a visiting professor, the institute has grown to include a regular professor and an adjunct faculty of fifteen. Greco Institute offers a campus-without-walls that takes quality programs to all parts of the diocese.

In 2012, Bishop Michael Duca blended the former Office of Catechetics and Greco Institute to form the Office of Catechesis.  Greco Institute continues to provide quality catechetical courses.  Beginning in 2013, all courses will be influenced by the Year of Faith and the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II.

  Greco Institute, Diocese of Shreveport      3500 Fairfield Avenue  Shreveport  LA  71104     (318) 868 - 4441  or  (800) 256 - 1542